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Gardening for Wildlife

Updated: May 5, 2021

Riverdale is located on the Atlantic flyway, a major route along the eastern seaboard for migrating birds and butterflies. The birds’ eye view of Riverdale, flanked by Riverdale Park and Van Cortlandt Park, promises these long-distance fliers a good place to stop.

Welcome birds and butterflies to your yard with the right plantings and some water. You can make it as simple as a butterfly bush and a bird feeder, or as complicated as a complete habitat.

Get started:

  • Place a bird bath in your yard and replace the water every two days.

  • Plant a butterfly bush, butterfly weed, parsley, and purple coneflower.

  • Replace some of your lawn with wildflowers or native groundcovers.

  • Use a push lawn mower.

  • Choose native, non-invasive plants.

Get all the details:

The National Wildlife Federations Garden for Wildlife program gives you the details on feed, water, shelter, nesting, and much more.

The Special Natural Area district zoning regulations include a list of native ground covers, shrubs, and trees. Click here, and scroll down to Appendices C and D.

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