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Green Spaces for Everyone

Plan Smarter:  Our community demands affordable housing.  Our community also needs needs sufficient infrastructure and management of storm water runoff, access to green spaces, clean air and soil, and a view of the sky.  Though balancing population growth with preservation of historic buildings, unique ecology, and community character will be a challenge, the Riverdale Nature Preservancy is prepared to continue to support the local community in thoughtful stewardship for the future. Where does our community envision the boundary of the Special Natural Area District (SNAD) going into the future?  What protections will the SNAD hold for local ecology and historic architecture?  Join the Riverdale Nature Preservancy as we monitor local development and engage in long-term planning to preserve our communal resources for generations to come.

Riverdale Trails South Leg
Riverdale Trails North Leg
Raoul Wallenberg
Spuytin Duyvil Shorefront Park
Wave Hill View of Hudson River
Henry Hudson Park, Ice Storm

Access Nature

Palisade Avenue, just north of Edgehill Avenue.  Serene views of the Hudson River.  A small accessible area with benches.  

At the intersection of Johnson Avenue and Palisade Avenue meet, turn onto Edsall Avenue.  Follow smoothed dirt paths through the wooded area for a view of the Hudson River and Inwood Hill Park.  Though not totally accessible, a section of the park is relatively flat.

Find this park at the intersection of Kappock Street and Independence Avenue.  To the south are playgrounds for children with a sprinkler and basketball courts. There is a baseball diamond, but it must be reserved for use. A paved walking trail leads a wooded area with benches. View includes the Hudson River and The Villa Charlotte Bronte.  Often a quiet area, it can become busy on nice days.  Public bathrooms are available.  The north section of the park includes gently sloped paved walking paths which wind through gardens maintained by volunteers, and a statue of Henry Hudson.  This area is popular with dog owners.  A small playground is located on the northeast corner.

Van Cortlandt Park is the third largest park in New York City. It stretches east of Broadway from West 240th Street/Van Cortlandt Park South towards Yonkers and Van Cortlandt Park East: Map

This park contains a variety of recreational and natural resources, including several children's playgrounds, barbeque areas, trails for bikers and pedestrians, a public golf course, public boating, public pools, Van Cortlandt Lake for freshwater fishing and the Van Cortlandt Museum House.  Find a variety of sport fields and a track.  Public bathrooms are available.

The park is maintained with support from the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance, and the Museum House is supported by the National Society of Colonial Dames in NY.

Through all seasons visitors can find programs to volunteer and explore.  Youth programs include camps, guided nature exploration, and internships.

The Riverdale Trail runs along Palisade Avenue from West 232nd Street to West 254th Street.  Just north of the West 232nd Street, the trail continues in the Raoul Wallenberg Forest and exits in Seton Park.  Seton Park has public restrooms.  A rough-paved path runs along the trail, which is popular for walkers and joggers.  Enter the dirt trail into a forest with interesting tree formations, and a view of the Hudson River.  A unique field can be found near the middle of the path. Keep a lookout for fallen-log shelters built by hikers, and spot local wildlife in every season.  Mid-way on the path you can find the Alder Brook.  Find public parking at Spaulding Lane and West 254th Street.

This park runs between Johnson Avenue and Riverdale Avenue at West 232nd Street. Relax on the clear grass hill or under the trees.  There is a playground for small children with a sprinkler at the northwest corner of the park,  a basketball court, and a dog run.  Whether you take the stairs or the steep paved path, traveling from the bottom of the park up the hill is a good workout.

Located at the Riverdale Metro North Station, this is the only local public access to unobstructed views of the Hudson River.  To enter, take the elevator at the Metro North Station to the overpass, and cross the tracks.  Walk down the platform and the park entrance is on your left.  This park is ADA accessible, and has benches with river views. It is a fishing access point as well.

Enter Seton Park at West 232nd Street and Independence Avenue.  An accessible paved path winds through the park. Facilities include tennis courts, baseball diamonds/soccer fields, children's playgrounds, basketball courts, and public restrooms.  Shaded picnic tables can be found down a flight of stairs, surrounding a sprinkler.  A skate park is expected to be added.  Riverdale Playground, just north of West 235th Street at Douglas Avenue, was renovated in 2020 and is equipped with updated sprinklers.

Located at W. 254 St. between Riverdale Avenue and Mosholu Avenue, this park includes a children's playground with sandbox, a public bathroom, a woodland area, and a baseball field.

Enter this park at West 242nd Street and Greystone Avenue. The western portion includes benches and a children's playground surrounded by shady trees.  Crossing over Greystone Avenue, a staircase takes you through a thicket of trees to Manhattan College Parkway.  The Stewards of Brust Park volunteer to maintain and improve this community resource, and the Coalition to Save Brust Park advocates to protect the local ecology.

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