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Annual Meeting- 2024 

Follow the community discussion on our Youtube channel! Speakers included:

Sherida Paulsen (SNAD)

Ray Pultinas (Plant Native NW)

Congressman Ritche Torres (D-12 Rep)

Urbanism TEDx hosted by Riverdale Country School

May 18, 2024 2:00pm



A collection of speakers who will share their big ideas related to this year’s theme, Urbanism Unlocked, and take us on an inspirational journey that explores an array of possibilities for a sustainable future.


Install A Green Roof:
Managing rainwater run-off

Learn more about funding from NYC DEP

NYC DEP offers green roof retrofit funding for private property owners in New York City. The goal is to incentivize private property owners to retrofit their roofs with green roofs to manage storm water runoff.

Attend an online workshop to learn more

  • March 6, 2024; 2–3:00pm

  • June 5, 2024; 2–3:00 pm

  • September 11, 2024; 2–3:00pm

  • December 11, 2024; 2–3:00pm


Why A Green Roof?

“Green roofs are being increasingly used in urban areas where space constraints limit the use of other storm water management practices.”  


Click below to learn more from the US EPA.

flood deegan.jpg

Flash floods threaten neighborhoods again


“The last time flash flooding threatened this part of the Bronx last month, the Major Deegan Expressway was closed for at least a couple days — turned completely into a river…”

Co-op blames flooding not on Ida, but instead on DOT


“In video shot by one of 2727 Palisade’s board members, flooding could be seen all along the sidewalks, the building’s entrance, and even streams of water flowing into the lobby…”

Note: Since the publication of this article, the sidewalk at Palisade and Kappock has been renovated to include permeable surfaces and shrubs.

Local Development News

Stay informed by attending Community Board 8 Meetings!


Special Committee on the Hudson River Greenway Meeting of Jan. 30, 2024

(Pending Committee Approval)

Committee: Present -- Bob Bender, Chair, Laura Spalter, Debra Travis
Absent – David Gellman


Guest: Gerry Bogacz, New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC); A list of the names of 16 Zoom participants is available at the Community Board office.

The meeting came to order at 7:02 pm. Attendance was taken. A quorum being present, minutes of the June 2023 committee meeting were unanimously approved.


Chair Bob Bender introduced Gerry Bogacz, who is director of planning and program management for the New York Metropolitan Council (NYMTC). Mr. Bogacz is also a Community Board 8 resident. Mr. Bogacz began by explaining what NYMTC does and how it is structured. He reminded committee members that ten years ago NYMTC did a study of a Hudson River Greenway link in the Bronx between Manhattan and Westchester. He explained that the topography in Riverdale is particularly challenging for a greenway.


Bob had contacted Mr. Bogacz when he learned that the MTA has recently determined that the Metro-North (MNR) Hudson Line tracks are at risk of repeated flooding due to the rise in the Hudson River caused by the climate crisis. Because this situation will worsen in coming years, the MTA has begun planning to prevent such flooding problems on the Hudson Line.


Mr. Bogacz agreed and explained how the MTA will proceed. It begins with a 20-year capital needs assessment and from that creates a 5-year capital program. Last fall MTA released its 20- year assessment. It identified a need for a detailed design study for the MNR Hudson Line.


The discussion of resiliency methods along the Hudson River addressed whether they might benefit the future greenway – or, conversely, perhaps inhibit the construction of the greenway. This situation is unknown at present. Answering it will require meeting with MNR.


Potential resources do exist for the necessary next step of studying how to construct the greenway, Mr. Bogacz pointed out. He recommended that municipal officials in New York City and Yonkers be engaged as part of this process. Discussion of difficulties regarding access points along the greenway took place.


Cliff Stanton, president of the Friends of the Hudson River Greenway, asked about this matter of funding a proper detailed study of how to build the greenway. Mr. Bogacz said that before a study can be funded, ordinarily there has to be a commitment to build the greenway. Federal money is available but not until there is a commitment to build. This commitment would have to include a designated operating authority that would sponsor and maintain the greenway.


Mr. Bogacz said that funding for construction would likely come from multiple sources. Federal money, to be sure, but also state funds, such as those that might be available through the 2022 NY State environmental bond act.


Jodie Colon returned to the question of operation and maintenance of the greenway, which all agree must be resolved. Thomas Maguire inquired about what form the necessary resiliency of the riverfront will take. All agreed that close communication with Metro-North will be necessary to answer that question. Dr. Robert Morrow, who lives in Yonkers, spoke in support of the riverfront greenway and reported that Yonkers city government is supportive.

Bob Bender thanked Dr. Morrow for setting up a meeting last November with the Yonkers director of sustainability William Serratorre, who  strongly supports the greenway in Yonkers.


Steve Froot asked about operating authorities for other greenways in Manhattan and the Bronx.
There are some that are public-private entities, others are city agencies. Mr. Bogacz pointed out that most of these other greenways are located in existing parks, and there is no park in the area of the Bronx/Yonkers greenway that is available for a greenway.


There was some discussion of whether there is, or could be, an organization that could solicit the resources to make possible a staff to assist in fundraising and grant-writing to advance the planning for the Hudson River Greenway. Mr. Bogacz suggested communicating with the Hudson  River Greenway Valley Authority to see whether they can assist with organizing and planning.


The meeting ended with a brief discussion of recent committee activities such as the summer 2023 DEC listening tour meeting in the Bronx, attended by Bob Bender and Cliff Stanton, and the November meeting with Yonkers advocates and officials, attended by Bob and Laura.


The meeting adjourned at 8:29 pm.

Minutes submitted by Bob Bender, who wishes to note the presence of CB8 staff members Farrah Kule Rubin and Ardhmir Malziu throughout the meeting.

Land Use Committee- March 11, 2024

Land Use Application
Public Hearing: Tibbetts Brook Daylighting Easement Acquisition ULURP, an acquisition of real property by the City of New York to facilitate a permanent easement within 5 Metro- North properties in the Bronx to support the Tibbetts Brook Daylighting and Hester and Piero’s Mill Pond Improvements project, the construction of pipeline conduits, and create recreational and open space opportunities for the surrounding area in Kingsbridge Heights, Community Districts 7 and 8, Bronx.


Presentation by Amy Motzny & Dana Taplin from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
• Daylighting is a technical/engineering term and it broadly explains activities for restoring or resurfacing a stream that once was, in this case Tibbetts Brook which had a surface expression that ran through much of the Kingsbridge neighborhood historically. For the purposes of this project, daylighting the surface expression will not follow the historic flow path but it will be symbolically imprinted into the available land along the CSX corridor beginning at Van Cortlandt Park South and extending south to the Metro North railyard.

• The primary driver from DEP’s perspective is the combined sewer overflow reduction and is part of the citywide open waters long term control plan.
• The partnership project between DEP and the NYC Parks Department will enable the greenway extension as part of the overall project.
• The Tibbetts Brook Daylighting Easement Acquisition supports the larger project of conveying base flow from the mill pond, plus some wet weather runoff, directly to Harlem River, increasing the available capacity of the combined sewer collection system and reducing frequency and volume of combined sewer overflow (CSO) events for overall water quality improvements to the river.
• Permanent easement within MTA Metro-North rail yard to allow installation, maintenance,and inspection of closed conduit.
• 2.5-feet-high by 6-feet-wide concrete box conduit.
• Conduit turns to cross under railyard tracks at West 193rd St.
• No disruption to active commuter rail line – all work to occur within rail yard.
• Easement acquisition for MTA Metro-North ROW.
(Block 3264 Lot 20 (CD 8), Block 3238 Lots 50, 52,126 (CB 7), Block 3245 Lot 12 (CB 7), Zoned M1-1; Block 3238 Lot 50 adjacent to C8-3)
• Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2025.
• Full presentation is available on the Bronx Community Board 8 website or by
• Board member hopes that Bronx Community Board 8 takes great pride in the historic step to clean the Hudson River because, as DEP has said, this is diverting water that would have gone into a sewer with contaminants into the river, and now it is going straight from a freshwater into another freshwater body thus relieving the pollution burden on the Harlem River.
• DEP states that the current proposal is only for the closed conduit through the Metro North’s property which does not foreclose any future possibilities.
• Community member urges that the committee vote in favor of doing this expeditiously.
• Community member states that this is not only important for CB8, but also for the Bronx and New York City. This is the largest daylighting project in the city and state. The importance is to reconnect neighborhood. Urges to approve this but need every Community Board and member to continue advocating for access to the waterfront.
• Community member states that this project will make a huge difference in the amount of pollution in our waterways, and very supportive of this.
• Board member asks what is the MTA’s position on this? DEP states that it is for a permanent easement for a closed conduit. It would be a separate action to discuss public access on MTA’s property.
• Board member states that past renderings showed the pathway closer to the west, and further from the Major Deegan Expressway. DEP states that nothing has changed in the project planning/design and will follow up with clarity on the rendering.
• DEP states that this project will bring all the clean pond flow into the outfall all the time. Currently, the outfall is only used when there is heavy weather and it is releasing combined flows. The new pipe will bring Tibbetts Brook right into that outfall. It will avoid the sewage collection system. In wet weather, there will be additional flow through the channel but it will be regulated.
• DEP states that the CSO reduction is 215 -220 million gallons a year.
• Board member states that Bronx Community Board 8 passed resolutions on April 12, 2016, April 19, 2017, February 13, 2018, June 2022, and June 2023, in strong support of the Putnam South Greenway and Daylighting of Tibbetts Brook citing their unique recreational, economic, and environmental benefits.

Tibbetts Brook Daylighting Easement Acquisition ULURP- APPROVED

Construction Noise from Construction site at 3139 Netherland Ave. and 3132 Arlington Ave
A representative of Netherland Development LLC, the owner of the properties located at 3139
Netherland Avenue and 3132 Arlington Avenue was not present at the meeting.
• Community member wonders why there has been no attempt to reduce noise.
• Community member would like to see noise mitigation and welcomes the opportunity for a stop worker order until a noise mitigation plan is in place.
• Timing of the noise is an issue. The drilling has begun before 7AM.
• DEP states that the construction site has a noise mitigation plan and is posted on their site. DEP has performed several inspections throughout 2023 & 2024. There were no violations issued.

• Community member states that the permit does not actively regulate the activity that is appropriate for this neighborhood. The permit was issued without adequate measures in a residential community.
• The noise is disrupting thousands of people.
• There is an issue with the dust buildup from the drilling.
• Parking is being blocked in the area.
• Another application is also being filed for construction at 3133 Netherland Ave.
• Chair C. Moerdler recommends the community member send the Board office a list of issues so it can be forwarded to DEP and DOB to be addressed. (APPROVED)

Hebrew Home Public Access Sub-Committee Report
The sub-committee, Bob Bender, Laura Spalter and Martin Wolpoff, met with representatives from
River Spring/Hebrew Home. The representatives understood there was a prior memorandum of
understanding about public access through their property for the Henry Hudson River Greenway in
the future. They reaffirmed the agreement. If and when the time comes for public access to the
greenway, it would be on the south campus. Access may be pedestrian only and subject to safety

Eclipse 2024:
Community Green Spaces 

Van Cortlandt Park Parade Grounds:
Preserved as Public Green Space for Spring 2024!

The Cricket World Cup will be hosted at another venue, avoiding the problems associated with construction of a temporary stadium in Van Cortlandt Park.  The proposal had not been presented with ample time for a full and transparent review process, and brought with it concerns about potential for damage to local ecology and historic areas.  The VCP Parade Grounds is a popular green space used for community cricket, as well as other sporting events and family picnics.  A months-long exclusion of the public from this area to the benefit of a private group presented a heavy burden on the residents of the northwest Bronx.

The Preservancy celebrates the news of this success, which was the result of the joint efforts of outspoken community members, our local elected officials, and local community groups:

From Van Cortlandt Park Alliance:


"Van Cortlandt Park Alliance is very happy to report that the International Cricket Council heard our community’s concerns and will not build a stadium on the Parade Ground. 


VCPA thanks the incredible coalition that made this possible. 

New Yorkers for Parks, Bronx Council for Environmental Quality, Bronx Coalition for Parks and Green Spaces, NY Cricket League, Bronx Community Board 8, Loving the Bronx, NY Road Runners, Riverdale Main Streets Alliance, Van Cortlandt Track Club, Women of Woodlawn, Van Cortlandt Nature Group, and many others.


We heart Congressman Ritchie Torres, NYS Assembly Member Jeff Dinowitz, NYC Council Member Eric Dinowitz, and NYC Council Member Shekar Krishnan. Thank you for standing up for the Bronx! "

ewen eclipse.jpg
eclipse telescope vcp parade ground.jpg

SNAD Awareness Campaign!

plain lawn sign.jpeg

How can you participate in our SNAD Awareness Campaign?



* For display on SNAD properties only. Click here to see if you are in the SNAD, which is zoned as NA-2.

Did you know parts of Riverdale, Fieldston and Spuyten Duyvil are designated as a SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICT (SNAD)?


This designation was made in 1975 through the New York City Zoning Resolution.  It is an important part of protecting natural areas, guiding development to safeguard mature trees and plantings, steep slopes, and rock outcrops. 

At present there are four SNADs in NYC, including the one in our neighborhood.

This fall, the Preservancy's Special Natural Area District (SNAD) Awareness Campaign is underway to highlight this ecologically protected area that ensures preservation of green spaces for all.


Long Term Planning

The Riverdale Nature Preservancy is working with the NYC City Council through Community Board 8 to design long term development plans which will protect the future of our historic and natural resources.  Through prudent planning, we can balance communal needs for affordable housing and access to green spaces for all Bronxites with strategic protection of the unique architecture and sensitive ecological features our community enjoys.  We are working with the City Council to fine tune Speaker Corey Johnson's recent proposal, Planning Together.

Natural area restoration.jpg
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