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Our Mission

The Riverdale Nature Preservancy has been protecting and preserving natural beauty and neighborhood character in the Riverdale area since 1986.

Our activites in pursuit of this mission focus on:

Monitoring Local Development

The Preservancy monitors local development projects to ensure full compliance with zoning and historic preservation regulations

Initiating and Participating in Long-term Planning

We initiate and participate in long-term planning and preservation projects, to ensure that community needs are heard and met, and to protect and enhance Riverdale’s superb natural environment and community character.

Providing Information

We also provide information, through community meetings, written materials, our website, and on social media to enable local residents to be active and engaged in environmental and planning issues


Our Values In Action

Anytime, Anywhere

We Support Local Ecology

The Riverdale Nature Preservancy works to protect and enhance the superb natural resources in the local area for communal enjoyment in generations to come.  We offer information about best practices for local land stewardship, educating the community on how individuals can support local wildlife and protect native plant species.  We also collaborate with other local organizations to promote green initiatives.

We Plan for Our Community's Future

The Riverdale Nature Preservancy works with local government to represent the long-term needs of the community.  The RNP contributes to thoughtful planning for affordable housing, equitable access to green spaces, and development which preserves unique local ecology.  The Preservancy offers guidance to community members and local representatives as we strive to develop responsible policy, and we enthusiastically participate in working groups to provide accurate information to all members of the planning process.

We Offer Community Education

The Riverdale Nature Preservancy highlights current issues in zoning and planning for community engagement.  We ensure community members are informed about complex planning issues, and communicate local interests to representatives in Bronx Community Board 8 Our initiatives can be seen in the neighborhood- from our "You Are In the SNAD" lawn signs, to our tables at the Riverdale Y's Sunday Market, in our members' participation in Community Board 8 meetings, and at our educational Annual Meetings.  We are also active online, sending out regular newsletters to our membership while engaging with the local community on Facebook and NextDoor.

We Preserve Local History

The Riverdale Nature Preservancy monitors development of historically significant property to ensure compliance with regulations.

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