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Riverdale Historic District


The Riverdale Historic District begins at the corner of West 252nd Street and Independence Avenue. It extends north to West 254th Street, and west until the boundary with Riverdale Park. 

For history of the area's designation, click here.  To view a map of the boundaries, click here.

The Riverdale Historic District was designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission on October 16, 1990. The Designation Report describes the District as notable for its landscaping features, for the architectural style of the buildings, for its history as the earliest known railroad suburb in New York City, for the way it exemplifies the American romantic suburb of the nineteenth century, and because of its prominent residents over several generations.

The Commission’s Rules for the Riverdale Historic District pertain to proposed alterations and new construction of structures and landscapes in the Riverdale Historic District.

When planning a specific project, contact the Landmarks Preservation Commission, to discuss work requirements and ensure compliance.

Are you interested in historical information on the Riverdale Historic District, or a specific property?  Check out this City Planning Commission Report from 1990,  which includes maps and pictures here.

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