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Gardening in the Special Natural Area District

Special Natural Area District zoning regulations stipulate a planting palate of native species when undertaking construction, building enlargements, or making site alterations.  To see the lists of recommended species refer to NY City Planning Zoning Regulation Sec 105-11, or click below to view useful planting lists.


Recommended ground covers

and shrubs, see Appendix C.

Recommendations for on-site trees, see Appendix D.

Recommendations for street trees, see Appendix E.

Gardening Resources for our SNAD

Where can I learn more about best practices for gardening? 

Cornell University's School of Agriculture & Life Sciences' Learn, Garden, Reflect Program provides a variety of gardening resources. Adult learners will find an online gardening community and online horticulture courses.  Families will find activities for children,  and educators can download garden-based lesson plans and curriculum for students in grades 2-8.

Ecological Landscape Alliance advocates for responsible stewardship of land and natural resources. Excellent resources on growing medicinal plants and developing healthy soil are found on its website.

Where can I purchase native plants?

Westchester Community College's Native Plant Center provides resources for gardeners looking to learn how to enhance a garden using native plants.  Each spring, it holds a native plant sale.

The New York Botanic Garden offers adult education on a variety of horticulture topics, including Bronx Green-up.   NYBG also sells seeds and plants.  Shop online or visit the NYBG shop to see what is available this season.  Visit the NYBG's Native Plant Garden for inspiration in your own planting.

The Northeast Organic Farmers Association trains landscaping professionals in methods of organic land care, and also provides resources for homeowners. The library includes resources for gardeneres.

Native plants and examples of best gardening practices in Riverdale.

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