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More Information: Botanic Environments

Updated: May 5, 2021

This overview of SNAD regulations is provided for informational purposes only—the actual regulations are much more complex than this overview. Contact the Bronx Office of City Planning, at 718-220-8500, with your specific project plans and a description of your property, to ensure that you comply with all zoning requirements. City Planning will guide you through the approval and permitting process.

Botanic environments, where they exist, are part of the defining characteristics of the SNAD and are to be protected or replanted under SNAD regulations. What are botanic environments? Botanic environments are assemblages of plants adapted to specific environmental conditions. They are characterized as primary succession communities, secondary succession communities, climax communities, dune or heathland, and wild grasslands. They consist of varying proportions of ground cover, shrubs, small trees, and large trees.

The goals of replanting are to reproduce:

  • the plant assemblages that are removed, or another assemblage determined characteristic of the area

  • an entire ecosystem, including but not limited to ground covers, annuals, perennials, herbs, vines, and woody plants, and with consideration of the fauna that is dependent on the plants

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