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Caring for Street Trees

Updated: May 5, 2021

Urban trees cool our streets, can reduce heating and cooling bills, anchor slopes, absorb carbon dioxide, trap particulate pollutants such as those from diesel engines, add value to real estate, provide habitat to wildlife, add beauty to our neighborhoods…But they need our help to survive.

Get started:

  • Water street trees as often as you water trees in your yards.

  • Keep out competing plants by weeding and planting only shallow-rooted flowers.

  • Add about three inches of mulch over the root area to conserve moisture and keep lawn mowers away from the trunk. Keep mulch about four inches away from the trunk, or you can encourage the trunk to rot.

  • Reduce salt damage by using calcium chloride or granular urea in the winter.

Get all the details:

Street trees are planted and pruned by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. Learn more about what homeowners can do at the Parks website.

The National Arbor Day Foundation has information on tree ID, care, planting, value, and more.

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