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Natural Beauty


Neighborhood Character 

in the

     Riverdale Area.  

~ Since 1986

Did you know parts of Riverdale, Fieldston and Spuyten Duyvil are designated as a SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICT (SNAD)?

This designation was made in 1975 through the New York City Zoning Resolution.  It is an important part of protecting natural areas, guiding development to safeguard mature trees and plantings, steep slopes, and rock outcrops. 

At present there are four SNADs in NYC, including the one in our neighborhood.





Our S pecial Natural Area District (SNAD) Awareness Campaign, highlighting this ecologically protected area, continues!  Join us as we support local access to green space for all!


How can you participate in our SNAD Awareness Campaign?

* For display on SNAD properties only. Click here to see if you are in the SNAD, which is zoned as NA-2.

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Special Natural Area District



Are In

Special Natural Area District Information:

SNAD Protects Natural Features

  • trees 6" caliper or greater,

  • topographic elements: steep slopes (incline of 25% or greater), existing natural topography (0 % to < 25 % slope), and topsoil,

  • rock outcrops and erratic boulders,

  • wetlands and surface water features, and

  • botanic environments.

Why does NYC create
Special Natural Areas?

SNADs are mapped "only in areas where outstanding natural features or areas of natural beauty are to be protected. The preservation of such areas is important because they contain areas of special ecological significance, interesting geological formulations and rock outcrops, unique aquatic features such as tidal wetlands, unique topographic features such as palisades, valleys and hills, important plant life such as glaciated oak-chestnut forests or because they serve as habitats for native flora and fauna." (Section 7412-10 of the zoning text)

The NYC Planning Commission adopted Special Natural Area District (SNAD) zoning regulations in 1974. The Commission updated and strengthened the regulations in 2005

Where is Riverdale's SNAD?

The SNAD in Riverdale covers much of Fieldston and Riverdale west of the highway.

For more detailed information on SNAD and responsible stewardship, click here.

Support A Greener Northwest Bronx:

  • Stewardship: Ecologically responsible choices of individual property owners make a difference!

  • Engagement:  Stay informed  on local development issues, and attend Community Board 8 Meetings. Email CB8 to join mailing lists for committees on Land Use, Enviroment & Sanitation, and more.

  • Report SNAD concerns to 311, and follow up with CB8.

A group of geese rest on VCP Lake.
Jumbo leaf compost cage in HHP
Fall Tree on Palisade
Join Us!

Community support is critical to protecting our local ecology.

About Us

The Riverdale Nature Preservancy is a local non-profit operating in Community Board 8 in the Northwest Bronx.

We protect our area's unique natural resources and historic architecture by:

  • Monitoring local development

  • Engaging in long-term planning with NYC and the community

  • Providing information to enable local residents to take an active role in environmental and planning issues.

Get Involved

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Support our work!



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Or mail a check to:

Riverdale Nature Preservancy
c/o 5521 Mosholu Avenue
Bronx, NY 10471

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Green Space ?

Find local green spaces to enjoy!  Whether you're interested in a breathtaking view, a quiet hike, or playing some ball, the Riverdale area offers public access to green spaces.

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